#52 Just Married! Real Couple Andrea & Dre


September 20th, 2017

59 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

We’re so stoked to have newlyweds on the podcast! You may remember Dre from our awesome ‘Groom Interrupted’ episode #40 (link below). He talked about what wedding planning was like from a groom’s perspective and gushed about how in love he is with his lovely bride, Andrea. Now we talk with both of them about 1 month after their wedding. Christy was a guest and we had lots of questions about their experience - what they loved, what surprised them, what decision they are SO glad they made, and what challenges they faced. Andrea gets emotional, the cat gets stuck in a bag, and we all have a grand ol’ time catching up and breaking down one of the happiest moments of their lives.

Big Takeaways
The officiant in Dre and Andrea’s wedding was Andrea’s dear friend and she was a HUGE part of their wedding ceremony success. (Christy can attest, it was a VERY successful ceremony.) Andrea and Dre appreciated every minute their friend spent researching and crafting the ceremony script. It was unique and personal and heartfelt. Picking the right friend to be your officiant is a very big decision - and Dre and Andrea made the right one! The ceremony script is extremely important. Don’t let it get lost in the mix of details and logistics and planning!

Andrea talked a lot (through tears) about the priority she placed on being as present as possible on the wedding day. They tried to do as much work as possible planning the wedding and then they both let go and let the show go on, as Dre described. Remember to take a breath before you walk down the aisle. Take it all in. You’re always going to remember the moment before you walk down the aisle.

Dre and Andrea said the best decision they made - other than marrying each other - was hiring an awesome videographer. Their highlight video was available almost immediately and they loved being able to share it with friends and family. Capturing the vows, ceremony readings, and toasts was huge, and those moments would not have been documented as thoroughly with photography only. Videography is often something that couples decide they can’t afford, and it sinks to the bottom of the priority list - check out this couple’s reasoning for hiring one, and maybe reconsider your decision to skip videography.

Curating the guestlist was tough for Andrea and Dre - they passed on some great advice: Choose people that know both of you, or know you as a couple. We agree. If you have a B list and it’s time to move people from the B over to the A...think about the people that know you and your fiance together.

Sharing responsibility in wedding planning...be deliberate and detailed if you are the ‘main’ wedding planning partner. This advice is straight from a type A bride, Andrea.

Ceremony Readers: If you can pick someone that is a performer, do it! Andrea and Dre had a groomsman do a reading during the ceremony (Poem, by Allen Ginsberg) and he did such a wonderful job. No surprise, he’s a classically trained actor. It was a memorable moment in a memorable ceremony.

Our lovely couple didn’t have a DJ, and it was fine! The music was great, because Dre and Andrea spent a lot of time and thought putting together a killer playlist on Spotify. We’re sharing their playlist in the link below!

Links we referenced
Dre’s first episode on our show

The Videographer Dre and Andrea hired and LOVE

Dre and Andrea’s highlight video

Their Spotify wedding playlist (If you have a Spotify account.)

“You sound wasted.” “Oh. Crap.” - Michelle and Christy, on the perils of recording late at night!

“I made a pact with myself before I walked...to be present. Be as present as possible. Remember this.” - Andrea, on centering herself on her wedding day

“Even though it was a big wedding, that moment made it feel so intimate. Like a dinner party...it felt like, WE are in this.” - Andrea on her wedding ceremony

“If you’re gonna give your husband two options, make sure you like them both.” - Christy, summing up marriage

“We weren’t sure if we were going to hire a videographer or not and it ended up being the best decision we made.” - Dre

“Drones are the shit right now in wedding videography.” - Michelle

“It’s an added cost, for sure. But it’s worth it to do your homework and find someone that’s really good. It’s the difference between seeing a blockbuster movie and a crappy student film.” - Dre, on the virtues of a videographer

“Both of you had a really palpable joy about marrying each other.” - Christy, to the lovely bride and groom

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