#72 I AM BRIDE with author Laura Willcox


February 7th, 2018

54 mins 26 secs

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We laugh a lot in this one as we talk with author Laura Willcox about her book, I Am Bride. Laura is a hilarious comedienne, actress, and tv writer. She has appeared on FX's You're The Worst, Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, MTV's Hey Girl, and UCB’s Trying, and has written for Girl Code, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Jezebel and more. She planned her own wedding and found the experience mind-boggling. She wrote several wedding related articles and then wrote “I Am Bride: How to Take the WE out of Wedding (and other useful advice)” a satirical wedding planning book. It’s funny, dark, insightful and full of horrific advice for brides and grooms.

“This book was very cathartic for me as I planned my big dumb wedding and I hope it'll help you as you plan your big dumb wedding too.” - Author’s note
“The first book from Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Laura Willcox, I AM BRIDE is a hysterical spoof of all the lavish, ridiculous, and stressful things a bride deals with when planning her BIG DAY.” - Publisher’s note

Big Takeaways
The book is written in the voice of a wedding planner, but Laura explained that it is really her version of the collective voice of the wedding industrial complex. Imagine every over-the-top insane wedding stereotype you might have about florists charging premiums for dirt, planners that laugh maniacally when you share your budget, and a dress boutique saleswoman that suggests you get full body plastic surgery in order to fit into the ‘perfect’ gown...roll all these horrible people up with a dry, smart sense of humor...and you have the narrator of the book.

This book is so sharp, y’all. It would make a great gift for your girlfriend that has fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole. And if you’re a bride, it’s a pretty awesome gifts for your friends and attendants...anyone that will be on this wedding planning journey with you. It’s laugh out loud funny and totally outrageous, but it’s also a good reminder to stay grounded and not to let yourself get completely rolled over by all things wedding as you plan your own big day.

The People Who Work for You: “A bachelorette party can have a dramatic effect on the bride-to-be. Expectations are high which often leads to disappointment and tears. But that doesn’t mean that you should hold your bridesmaids to a lower standard, it just means they need to try harder to not disappoint you. Below is a list of what is appropriate to cry about at your bachelorette party, and what isn’t.”

“90% of bridesmaids are good friends and 98% of those good friends are sorority sisters and there’s a reason for that. A friendship forged through binge drinking and group sex in fraternity basements means you two have a sisterhood based on blackmail and deep dark secrets. Which makes your sorority sister an ideal bridesmaid.”

“A majority of ceremonies are still religious, as they should be. Afterall, why have a ceremony if you don’t believe the wrath of god will punish you if you don’t. Here are a few things to consider if you do opt for a religious ceremony. You’re going to be upstaged by god...so prepare yourself.”

“You are a Glam Bride: In your humble opinion, there’s no such thing as too much sparkle, too many feathers, too strong a Long Island accent, or too far a distance people must travel to circumnavigate your gown. You understand that to be a woman is to be flashy. After all, if angels can pull off head-to-toe feathers, why can’t you? When guests walk into your wedding (or your home, for that matter), you want the decor to be so over-the-top that people feel physically assaulted—by beauty! And chandeliers.”

Links we referenced
Laura’s websites: http://laurawillcox.com/writing/ http://iambridebook.com/
Buy it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/AM-BRIDE-Wedding-Useful-Advice/dp/1419722204

“It’s written in the voice of a fictional psychotic wedding planner.” - Laura. How can we not fall in love with her??
“It doesn’t mention the groom AT ALL...that was one of the most shocking things to me- realizing that everything was geared to me and he was supposed to just show up and do what I tell him.” - Laura, pointing out that wedding planning should 50/50!

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