#55 Quick Focus! How To Write A Ceremony Script


October 11th, 2017

10 mins 59 secs

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Lots of couples are opting to have a friend or relative be their wedding officiant. You may have to draft the bulk of the script yourself, as a couple. if you have a friend who graciously accepted your request to legally marry you, you can’t expect this friend of yours to write the script in it’s entirety! This job is collaborative.

A Basic Non-Denominational Outline:
Opening Words / Introduction / Welcome
‘Who gives away?’ or ‘We Do’s’ from the guests
Reading - definition of marriage, thoughts on love
Personal anecdotes - let the guests know a little about each of you, and your journey as a couple
Vows - I Do’s. These can be spoken by the officiant and repeated by you both, or you can both just answer ‘I Do’ to the officiant’s prompts, or you can write your own vows and read them to each other
Second Reading - maybe by a guest
Rings Exchange
Closing by Officiant - sanctity of marriage
Declaration of Marriage - “I know pronounce you Wife and Wife”

The Spruce

The Everything Wedding Vows Book

Final Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to work on your ceremony script. And make sure you rehearse your personal vows a few times before the big day. It’s emotional, you want to be able to get through them authentically, but clearly! Also, we highly recommend a rehearsal!

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