#177 Heart on sleeve photography


January 8th, 2020

47 mins 48 secs

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Jonny MP is a heart on sleeve sort of guy who loves the emotion and feeling of a wedding day and it's those moments that matter and drive him to shoot 'heart on sleeve photos'. Jonny joins Michelle today to share his journey into becoming a wedding photographer, and his love for the love of it all.

After spending 11 years in the world of marketing and advertising for big brands in London like Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods, Jonny became a wedding photographer. He started Jonny MP Photography in 2011 after being asked to shoot a friend's wedding, and quickly realized it felt like him and he'd discovered his 'thing'. He has now gone on to shoot over 300 weddings across the UK and worldwide (including Mexico and NYC) and his personal, emotive style has provided many happy couples with photos they love.

Big Takeaways

Choosing your wedding photographer is a bit like the dating world. Look at your photographer and speak to several to find who you connect with. The better connection, the better photos.

Giving the couple a little bit of “couple time” during their photoshoot is so meaningful. They are running around all day, and it’s nice to capture the real moments with them.

It’s so important to click with your photographer. Jonny believes in a two-way connection with the couple and always makes room for them to be real so he can capture the true feelings on camera.

Jonny tries to learn everyone’s names before he arrives. It creates such a warmness, and eases everyone into the day.

Differences in the UK wedding scene: Barely anyone does engagement photoshoots.

Most weddings finish by midnight (photographer is generally there for 10 hours.)

Ceremonies are usually early, at 1 or 2pm.

The big day often includes a 2 hour cocktail reception.

Links we referenced

zola.com/bigwedding and promo code SAVE50

“It was the reaction of the bride and groom when I gave them the pictures, seeing what it meant to them, seeing what these photos brought to them. It was this amazing feedback loop of joy.” - Jonny

“The more you put into this, the more connection and love and energy and excitement and appreciation of each other, the more there is for me to capture.” - Jonny

“I really believe in treating my couples how I would want to be treated.” - Jonny

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