#121 Happy New Year!


January 2nd, 2019

1 hr 3 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

We’re reflecting on 2018 - the highs, the lows, the lessons, the funny stories and lots and lots of our favorites. Plus, trends from last year and predictions for 2019. AND what’s to come in the new year! (Oh! We crawled under a deck at a double-wide bar in Nashville. We talk about it in this episode.)

Big Takeaways
Michelle is saying NO to resolutions this year and YES to getting rid of negative things, thoughts and toxic people in her life. Christy is working with intentions...like to drink more water and mindlessly scroll through her phone less.

We talk a lot about you, our dear listeners, in this episode. We love connecting with you and we feel grateful that we’re able to do consulting, that we have patrons, and that we interact with you all via email and social media. Email is still the best way to get in touch with us! And we are so happy that we were able to meet and record with some of you! Here are the episodes that we recorded with listeners in 2018. They are at the top of both of our 2018 Favorites Lists.

67 The Second Time Around - Trisha talks about planning her second wedding, after divorce. “When you’re older, you don’t hesitate to say NO to what you don’t want.”

74 Allyson - Canadian Bride. “You have to enjoy and let go...because the months and weeks leading up to your wedding are like a road-trip. It’s all about getting there.”

76 Blake & Ashley, Christy’s clients and the happiest couple ever! Priorities! Blake and Ashley talked about the things that were really important to them when they started to plan their wedding and when things would get overwhelming or when decisions became tough, they went back to their list of priorities and stayed the course.

80 Amanda & Erik, wedding planning and listening together. Type A Bride and Involved Groom - Amanda and Erick worked together on wedding planning and the distribution of labor (we mention this a lot on the podcast, it’s usually more than a little bit uneven) was pretty fair!

99 Destination Wedding Retrospective - “If you’re having a destination wedding - you should host other weekend events if you can.”

116 & #117 Polyamorous Family and Dr. Fosse (is back and as good as ever) - “It can work, absolutely. And the word WORK is key. And that applies to monogamous and polyamorous relationships. There is no relationship that actually thrives when there is no attention given to it.” - Dr. Fosse, dropping a reminder about all relationships

Our personal favorite episodes of the year:
Michelle: #88 Anomalie, #90 The Hearnes, #96 Bridechilla, #116 & #117 Poly
Christy: #86 Feminist Bride, #67 Trisha’s Second Wedding, #103 Steph Grant, #105 Venue Owner Interview. And Episode #92, What Straight Couples Can Learn From Gay Weddings

Advice! Videography - we suggest you splurge on it, y’all. We’ve never heard a couple tell us they wish they HADN’T gotten a videographer

Upcoming episodes in 2019:
Nashville Eps! These will not all be released at once - we’ll spread them out in the next couple months. Photographer Kathy Thomas, Calligrapher Claire White (White In Calligraphy), Brian from The Aero Bar, Mattie Bush from Amelia’s Flower Truck, and fun crossover episodes with Angela Proffitt - her podcast is Weddings Unveiled and it was a lot of fun being interviewed together for her show! Plus live interviews from the Modern Love Event.

Simply Eloped (simplyeloped.com) founder chats with us about the modern elopement - maybe it's the right choice for you!
Transportation and Hotel Blocks - we promise we’ll do these episodes soon!
Credit Card hacking guru joins us to share best practices for using cc incentives to plan your honeymoon accomodations for FREE
Registries - charities, experiences
Friendors - dos, don’ts
Transgender couple on why marriage was so important to them, and their new lives together.
And of course, more YAWAs, more shenanigans and exciting announcements!

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“We’re yin and yang. We always have each other’s back.” - Christy, of Michelle

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