#69 - Happy Engagement!


January 17th, 2018

31 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

We’re back in 2018 and so excited about all the awesome topics we’re going to tackle and the phenomenal guests we have on deck! Let’s have a quickie and catch-up!

*Big Takeaways

Here’s our news, in a nutshell: Michelle (Allure Consulting) moved to the Bay Area! We got through the holidays with our respective families and all the plans! Both Michelle and Christy are actively taking 2018 wedding inquiries! Happy New Year! Hit up Christy Matthews Events, or Allure Consulting if you need a wedding planner, a wedding consultant to help you tackle your budget or vision board, or any help at all with wedding-related issues. Links below.

Historic hotels are beautiful wedding venues. They may also be haunted. Do your research!
We reconnect with a listener that asked us about our thoughts on her side gig, a cake decorating business. Initially, we said, Don’t quit your day job! In a supportive way. And now that this listener is officially starting her business - we congratulate her and encourage her to ignore the haters! When you put yourself out there, you may get some reviews that aren’t glowing and that’s ok! Learn and move on. Dwelling on the negative just sucks.
Another friendly reminder to hire vendors you really connect with and then TRUST them to execute the vision. If you trust your vendors, you sleep better and you’re not stressed out and obnoxious about wedding planning.

Links we referenced
Allure Consulting, Michelle’s company: http://www.allureconsulting.com
Christy Matthews Events, Christy’s company: http://christymatthewsevents.com


“Well, you know, it’s haunted.” - Christy, on the Adolphus Hotel. It’s haunted.

“2018 is the year that Christy matthews brings back the small barrel curling iron. Big news out here in Dallas.” - Christy, you heard it here first folks

“Welcome and congratulations! Please binge listen to our podcast library for informative, hilarious and down-to-earth wedding advice!” Christy and Michelle welcome you, new listeners!

“I’m loving Month of Planning...that’s my niche.” - Michelle, re Allure’s base

“Trust and Let Go. That’s her mantra. And that’s a good one for life.” - Christy and Michelle paraphrasing bride (and former guest) Trisha Dean
“PERFECT. There’s no such thing in life or in weddings.” - Michelle

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