Neillie Butler

Special guest

Neillie Butler, owner and founder of Mariée Ami, was born and raised in Mountain Brook, Alabama, where she remembers having big dreams of being a wedding planner from an early age. However, school never came easy to Neillie, and she remembers a teacher telling her that she would never amount to anything. While attending The University of Alabama, Neillie was diagnosed with and overcame cancer three times. These life experiences gave Neillie the drive and determination that has led to the success of Mariée Ami.

Neillie spent six years in corporate event planning before starting Mariée Ami. Neillie says that she is energized by her clients, and genuinely wants the best for their guests.

In her free time, Neillie enjoys telling her story and empowering other women to overcome obstacles and dream big. She also likes to spend every spare minute she can with her husband, Tom, and their three children, Sarah Patton, Maddie, and Bruce.

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