Growing up, Mollie babysat for several different families throughout the Metro Detroit area and continued to keep up relationships even as she went off to college in New York City.

In New York City, Mollie nannied for two different families with kids ranging from four months old to eight years old. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and a minor in Economics, Mollie decided to move to Los Angeles for warmer weather and the atmosphere she always wanted to live in.

Once moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Mollie began attending different networking events for young professionals. It was at one of these events, that prompted the start of Black Tie Kids. "I was at a networking event in which a couple hosted a ton of young professionals to mix and mingle for dinner. The couple had three kids (ages 7, 6 and 4). The two older kids were totally fine that night. They joked around with each other, ate their meal and kind of knew what to expect from a night like this. The four year old on the other hand was pretty sad. She needed attention and her parents were both busy hosting. Her siblings were old enough to keep themselves occupied, so she was essentially alone. I saw her upset and my nanny/babysitting instincts kicked in. We played games and talked. It was when I went home that I realized that there needed to be something so that kids could still feel special during an adult focused event. It was then that the idea of Black Tie Kids came to be. In 2017, Black Tie Pups started as a way to help couples who want to include their furry friend as a part of their wedding day.

Today, Black Tie Kids provides services throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego, The Bay Area, and The Metro-Detroit Area.

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