#7 Gay Weddings with Guest Bernadette Smith


November 16th, 2016

59 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

We are HUGE proponents of Marriage Equality and have been allies to the LGBTQ community long before the SCOTUS landmark decision in 2015. We are thrilled to interview our friend and mentor, Bernadette Smith in this episode!

Big Take Aways

  • Bernadette Smith is our awesome friend and the owner of 14 Stories, the nation’s first wedding planning firm dedicated to same-sex couples. She also runs the Equality Institute and the Gay Wedding Institute. She is the foremost expert on gay weddings and we are so stoked to be interviewing her for our podcast!

  • Bernadette’s favorite podcasts: Fresh Air, WTF with Marc Maron, On Point, and 99% Invisible

  • Since the Marriage Equality ruling, a huge market has opened up for gay weddings and we love every bit of it! New trends and traditions, inclusive language, adjusted marketing, and cultural sensitivity – we talk about it all during this episode. Gay weddings are changing the wedding industry – listen and find out how, and why.

Links we referenced
Bernadette Smith’s Companies:
14 Stories - http://www.14stories.com
Gay Wedding Institute - http://gayweddinginstitute.com
Bernadette on HuffPost - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bernadette-coveney-smith/same-sex-weddings_b_4399014.html

Episode Quotes
“Bernadette Smith’s life work is to ensure that same-sex couples, no matter where they live, have the most positive, supportive experience while planning their wedding. In addition to being a wedding planner, Bernadette is building a global tribe of wedding professionals who are sensitive, trained and ready.” – Our intro to Bernadette!

“That’s how I built my career – looking around and seeing what needs are not being met, and then asking myself if I can meet those needs, if I had an interest in meeting those needs. “ - Bernadette

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