#22 Funny Stories


March 1st, 2017

50 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, we reminisce about some of the funny/awkward/crazy stories from weddings we have done. Between the two of us, we have about 20 years of weddings under our belts. Remember - sometimes it isn’t funny during or right afterward, but in a year, it could be a hilarious story you tell at Thanksgiving! Having a sense of humor about life is imperative.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode - we sure did enjoy recording it!

Big Takeaways
Hey, sometimes things don’t go according to plan! Yes, it’s true and as wedding PLANNERS, we can attest to this. These stories are about the times that issues were addressed behind the scenes, or serious moments that were interrupted by some unexpected levity, or misunderstandings that will be really funny later in life,

In certain cultures or families, half of the people are ALWAYS late. Usually we all know who these people are and we love them anyway. Several of the ‘funny stories’ have to do with the late guests...what they miss, why they were late, what they interrupt when they arrive, just generally how clueless people can be. If you have family members and friends like this...tell them the ceremony starts 45 minutes before it actually does!

Some wedding traditions and parts of the day are an absolute liability. (Horah! Anything with fire! Live animals! Kids in general!) That doesn't mean you shouldn’t do them! It just means that you need to be cautious. Or tell someone else to be cautious for you (like your wedding planner…)

Wardrobe Emergencies! We’ve hemmed pants on groomsmen, we’ve dealt with two left feet - or shoes, repaired completely malfunctioning wedding dress zippers, and sewn more than a handful of buttons - this is why your wedding planner will have a heavy emergency bag on site to Be prepared and get it together!

Once the dancing gets really going, guests are hammered and the older people have left...these late hours of a wedding are the funniest. After a few cocktails, everyone is an amazing dancer. Sometimes the photographer has left by this time...which is ok. ;)

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  • “I’m told all the time that I should write a book about weddings. But it feels like it would be 80% truth and 20% fiction because I would have to add embellishments, you know?” - Christy

  • “It is so hard to put a corsage on a women. You have to go through the bra strap. Yes. I’m reaching in there, my hands are cold and I’m feeling these women up.” - Christy and Michelle agree. Nice to meet you!

  • “I don’t know exactly how this happened, it reminds me a little bit of Nipple-Gate, but it was not a nipple. Her dress flies up over her head. And there you go. She is flashing the whole wedding. Underwear. She had underwear on. And it didn’t just happen for a second…” -Michelle - The Horror.

  • “I was like, what is wrong with you guys? You are adult men! With jobs! And three out of five of you can’t get your shit together? Awesome.” -Christy, when 3 groomsmen had issues with their wedding outfits

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