#77 Funfetti Cake & Games With Lauren Kitchens


March 14th, 2018

1 hr 6 mins 40 secs

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Funfetti, Metallic Icing, Dolly Parton’s Tattoos and no more naked cakes?!! Lauren Kitchens is back and she is talking 2018 Cake trends and how to work collaboratively with creative vendors.

Michelle felt really left out the first time we had Lauren on the show, and this time, she makes up for it! We are so stoked to have Lauren Kitchen’s - owner, operator and artist at Fancy Cakes by Lauren - back on the show. The first time, we talked about cake basics, and this time, we delve more into the artistic side of things. (Also, have you heard the rumor that Dolly Parton has tons of tattoos? It’s Christy’s favorite rumor of all time.)

Big Takeaways
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How do awesome clients work with Lauren? She gets clients that want to challenge her. It’s a brainstorm between the client and Lauren from the very beginning. A bride comes in with a vision, and Lauren asks questions and gets a feel for the couple and then starts to sketch...some ideas stay, some ideas go. It’s rare that a client will come in with a photo of a cake and ask Lauren to exactly replicate it.

Lauren specifically mentions that the more you can tell her about your other vendors, and about decisions that have already been made - the better. Give her the details, and you’ll leave the consultation with a VERY good idea of what Lauren can create for you. (Here’s a hint - a photo of the wedding dress will help get the creative juices flowing for Lauren. If you don’t want to show her the dress in person, email a photo of it.)

Vendors that have been around for a while, work really well together. For Lauren, the more communication she has with the other vendors at a wedding, the better. It makes the biggest difference in the success of the overall vision.

At the tasting - keep it small. Just you, and your fiance, and maybe your planner. Let the baker walk you through the process...the less opinions in the room, the better. You want time to actually TALK to and share ideas with the baker.

When negotiating with creative vendors, find out what THEY want to do...and you may be able to get a lower price because they want to have something cool and new in their portfolio. Lauren mentions doing an awesome cake for practically pennies because she really wanted to have it (Yoda) in her portfolio. And, having a wonderful personality can help when you want to negotiate with vendors as well. :)

A cake can sit out for about 5 hours before being cut and served. The longer it sits out, the less structurally sound it is.

We talk a lot about the way a cake looks, but it’s also super important that it tastes good! And the creativity doesn’t stop with the icing - you can get creative with the cake and flavors too. Lauren is open to doing new or different flavors, outside of what’s on the menu, if your wedding calls for it! Just know that if you are requesting your grandmother’s cake recipe, it’s not going to be exactly as you remember!

Quick trends: Copper and metallic tones = IN. Naked Cakes = OUT. Gold > Blush.

Links we referenced
www.manlybands.com - our sponsor!
www.fancycakesbylauren.com - Lauren Kitchen’s website - check it out and see all the amazingness
https://www.instagram.com/grace_loves_lace/ - Michelle’s new favorite wedding dress designer instagram page

“The armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias...it’s the greatest cake in cinema history. It still stands up, man!” - Lauren, talking about the very realistic dog cakes she loves to make

“We want to give you some insight about how to work with creative vendors that will be successful and collaborative and in ways that you won’t really really annoy or anger them. How to get the most out of your creative vendors.” - Christy, with the show synopsis

“Go make the design decisions and THEN come to me.” - Lauren, with directions for clients

“If somebody wants to me to help them design their wedding, I’m like, let me see the dress. What’s your ring look like, and what is the venue? Those three elements are helpful in creating the design of the wedding.” - Michelle, on the creative vision

“Cake is like a newborn. It’s pretty resilient. You can drop a cake on it’s head!” - Lauren

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