#147 From Boston to LA - Christy & Michelle Live!


June 12th, 2019

1 hr 13 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Michelle and Christy record together from LA - to frame the narrative for their Boston visit earlier this year to emcee at WED 2019. We were also lucky enough to meet many of our Boston listeners at our first ever Meetup and it was so fun!!

We had a wonderful time at WED - an interactive, educational experience as the emcees. We also got to record live with attendees (and some of their moms!) at the event and we loved it! We hope you enjoy this special, bi-coastal episode.

Big Takeaways:
Get a month of coordinator for distant weddings. It helps to have someone on site to get the details taken care of!

If people are traveling to your wedding, a camp is a great option! There are lots of activities for the guests to enjoy, and everything is right there in one place.

Bridal salons can be a great solution when finding a dress has become a nightmare task. You should enjoy that process.

Look back on the weddings you or your parents have attended, to see what did and didn’t work. Use whatever resources you can so you don’t go in blind.

If you are bringing your own alcohol, you may be able to return what was not used. As long as there is no damage to the packaging.

Pay for good lighting, it’s worth it.

“You’re the crazy glue that holds us together.” - Christy

“My mom keeps making fun of me, that I feel too confident in all my decisions. She’s almost nervous about it. But because I listen to the podcast, I feel like I know what I should be looking for. I know what to expect out of vendors, what’s realistic to ask of them, and how to dial back on my chronic emails to them a year in advance.” - Kelsey

“One of the other things about closeness is to be able to laugh. And I think it’s really hard to laugh when you’re under one of the most stressful conditions which is thinking about your marriage and wedding and all of that. It should be joyous.” - Kate’s mom

“Purple being your favorite color is reason enough to incorporate it. It doesn’t have to be deeper than that.” - Christy

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