#23 Floral Queen! Nancy Liu Chin


March 8th, 2017

49 mins 26 secs

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Michelle nails another awesome interview! This time, she channels Jerry Seinfeld - driving around town with Nancy, interviewing her for the podcast while they wander the East Bay streets. Nancy Liu Chin is a big time florist in the SF Bay Area, she has been in the biz for 15 years. She is sharing her wisdom, experience and passion for flowers and the wedding industry in this interview. Nancy made the conscious decision to find her path in the event design industry and landed on flowers. And thank goodness! Because we think her work is simply amazing. So is her work ethic, and her business sense and her personal style - so listen and enjoy!

Starting her business as a florist, Nancy knew that her flowers had to anchor the overall look. She was inspired by Stanlee Gatti, an SF legend

Expectations! They can be crazy in the wedding planning world - with Pinterest, and Style Me Pretty, and wedding magazines galore...it’s easy to get wrapped up in a bunch of images that you want to replicate exactly. Nancy gives her advice about how to approach creative vendors and allow yourself to trust them. Your mindset going into the design process can make all the difference.

Budget. You need a dose of realism when you approach your budget and your vision for your wedding. Nancy Liu Chin talks about the unattainable, and how to be inspired and budget conscious...and still design a gorgeous wedding. When a vendor asks you what your budget is for their service/products - tell them! This sets a very helpful parameter - and being upfront and honest is the best policy here, so you don’t go down a road that you have to walk back later. Also - the first question you should as a vendor that you are interested in is “Are you available? That needs to be asked even before you talk about your budget.

Lessons Learned and look Behind-the-Scenes - Nancy shares some of the insane installations she has done, and how logistics are a HUGE part of a florist’s job. What a cool job, amiright?! Here’s a tidbit - sometimes amahhhhhhzing floral walls are a combination of real flowers and silk flowers. And there are plenty of reasons for this. Let Nancy tell you.

Links we referenced
Nancy Liu Chin Website
Stanlee Gatti Website

“Thank God to the rental industry, they have really changed what it means to have a beautiful, reachable wedding and event.” - Nancy on elevating the floral design, and overall design of your event

“For anyone out there that thinks this is the career for them - just go for it! That’s my advice, just go for it.” - Nancy, business advice from a passionate pro

“If you are a couple planning a wedding, your mindset needs to be in the right place. And often, your expectation of an image to reality...it may not always translate. Don’t freak out.” - Nancy, on managing expectations with your wedding

“You have to go with your gut, you have to go with someone you click with, that you feel comfortable with and that is being authentic.” - Michelle, dropping the best vendor-hunting advice

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