#48 Fitbit In Da House!


August 23rd, 2017

45 mins 53 secs

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Fitbit's Managing Editor is here to talk to us about staying healthy, grounded and mindful as you plan your wedding! BUT...First things first - quick announcement! We were just featured on Brides.com as a Top 5 BEST podcasts for brides! Woohoo! Check it out. You already know about our podcast because you’re so smart and now other people are getting to know it too! Tell your engaged and wedding-obsessed friends!
Ok - now onto this episode’s show-notes! Kimberly Daly is the Managing Editor at Fitbit, and a certified health coach. She’s also Christy’s friend (and cousin) and she’s full of information and advice about health and wellness!

Big Takeaways
Wedding Planning doesn’t have to be an excuse to put yourself last. “I’m so busy and stressed, I just have to eat cake and drink wine!” You can balance cake-tasting with healthy choices. You can even continue to make healthy choices as you look at your wedding reception menu! Kim did. She didn’t serve salad without dressing to all of her guests, but she made sure that she was compromising with healthy options since healthy living is so important to her and her husband.

Think of your wedding date as a way to jump start your journey to a healthier life - together! Yes, lots of brides and grooms want to lose some weight before the big day. We get it. But remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Start making better choices while you are planning your wedding and continue to make healthier choices after your marriage!

Meditation and mindfulness. We talk about it a lot and we are NOT experts. But Kim is! She told us about how important just breathing is - like consciously taking a minute to take deep breaths. When you’re stressed, your breath becomes shallow and your heart rate increases. So - stop, hold your diaphragm and take a few deeps breaths. Just 2 minutes will make a difference! More oxygen circulates through your body and you will feel more calm. See? Easy peasy 2 minutes ‘meditation’.

With FitBit - it’s all about the steps, walking. FitBits have a reminder feature to let you office-dwellers know that it’s time to get up and move. And counting your steps is a great daily (achievable) goal. Meet your goal? Surpass it tomorrow! Kim reminds us that sometimes simple is best - with FitBit, the message is simple. Walk. Great for the physical and the mental components here. Kim loves doing some of her brainstorming sessions for work while she is walking. We’re into that!

Eating - healthy in, healthy out. You make better choices in business and relationships when you are fueling yourself with healthy food and not overdoing the calories.

SMART goals:
S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic - 30 minutes a day, get moving! That’s not too hard, right?
T - Time-Oriented, there’s gotta be an end point so that you can evaluate your progress, and whether or not you met your goal. If you can set a new goal, great! Hey, maybe you and your partner can start setting goals together!

Fitbit can help hold you accountable because it counts steps! It tracks a ton of info about you and you can see patterns that can help you with your fitness journey. They even track your sleep! Sleep is very important while wedding planning, y’all.

Links we referenced
We made the Top 5!
Michelle’s fave website for calorie counts when you want to get your drink on!


  • “I’m passionate about helping people feel good about their bodies from the inside out.” - Kim, on how she found her path to Fitbit

  • “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that wedding planning is soooo stressful. It’s almost like people expect it to be stressful and then want it to be stressful a little bit. So it fits the expectation.” - Christy, on the reputation of wedding planning

  • “I roll my eyes, but really, I’m like I gotta get some of that kale.” - Christy, on her relationship with food, and Kim!

  • “It’s about making it a habit and a lifestyle that you can stick to, that you can live with. Because you love yourself so much and you want to be your best self everyday and for the rest of your life and for your partner. With that said, you can make your wedding a marker and use it to kickstart your goal.” - Kim, lifestyle is the thing!

  • “Put your butt against a wall and your legs up in the air and lay flat on the floor. It’s a stress reliever. For just one minute!” - Michelle, with her calm-down suggestion

  • “Who wants almonds at the end of a really long day?” Christy laments
    “But they’re so good for you! They’re full of fiber and healthy fat and you guys, your body doesn’t even absorb all the calories in almonds!” Kim retorts encouragingly

  • “Put it on your calendar. Make fitness part of your day...an appointment in your life that you can’t cancel. If that means you have to buddy up, do it! Cause that will help you stay accountable.” Kim’s #1 tip for working in a work out

  • “Great! Sleep, Eat, Breathe...we’re actually teaching you how to be a human!” - Christy, wrapping up

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