#73 Fashion & Styling with BTS Event Management


February 14th, 2018

1 hr 3 mins 32 secs

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Michelle and Christy are awesome wedding planners. Fact. But one thing that we don’t usually do with clients is outfit the wedding party or dress the bride from head to toe. So we called in some experts - Trista and Alex from BTS Management based in Scottsdale AZ (links below) are event planners that focus on the styling aspect of the event, and they work closely with their clients to dress, style and push the fashion boundaries of every wedding. We had a lot of fun talking to them about wedding trends, fashion shows, bomb bridesmaids and breaking the fashion rules.

Big Takeaways
These two gorgeous ladies - Alex and Trista - showed up for our Skype session in full makeup, good lighting and it even looked like they were wearing pants. WHAT?! We immediately made jokes about our appearance inadequacies and asked if they were related. They get that a lot. Also, one of them (Alex) looks just like Daenerys Targaryen. And off we went!

BTS produced and hosted a bridal fashion show event called “Dream” with the Omni Resort - they wanted to bring a bridal show to the market, but do it thinking outside of the box. It was a priority to be the best. The final product featured Randy Fenoli as the official host, and designs from couture high-end designers from around the world. The planning process got them invited to NY Fashion Week. And that over-the-top experience got the wheels turning for the Dream event this year.

“Following the No Rule Rule” It’s important that any woman (anyone, really!) in your wedding party feels confident in what she’s wearing. She’ll be happier and it will show! The whole day can be informed and experienced by how amazing everyone feels in what they’re wearing. That’s the power of fashion! Think outside the box - you don’t have to wear white just because you’re the bride. The women in your wedding party don’t have to wear dresses...jumpsuits or tailored suits are hot right now. Be unique! Do your thing!

Trends Trista and Alex are predicting: For men: mixing and matching patterns and colors. Burgundy suits, brighter blue suits. Wearing something different than the groomsmen. Changing into a white dinner coat for the reception. For women: dresses that push the envelope more with more skin tone showing through, high leg slits, plunging necklines… you know, stuff for the confident bride! Trumpet shape is out and princess dress tulle drama is sticking around. Stiff fabrics are out. Modern is in. Lace and embellishment detail...in.

Requesting that the guests wear a specific color...it’s a thing! Put it on the invitation and the wedding website and you can pretty much style your photos before the guests even arrive. Imagine all the guests in black and red...and then you and your partner rocking sleek white suits. The photos are on point and everything else in the room is there to elevate the theme. It’s cohesive and fun. We dig it!

Links we referenced
BTS Event Management: http://btseventmanagement.com
BTS instagram: https://www.instagram.com/btseventmanagement/
Dream Couture Event: https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/scottsdale-montelucia/things-to-do/upcoming-events/dream-event

“I’ve been told I look like Ricki Lake.” - Michelle
“I’ve been told I look like Celine Dion.” - Christy LOL

“We’re all doing something fun, and something that we love, and that we’re passionate about.” - Michelle, working mamas unite!

“This needed to be cutting edge and high fashion and show stopping and just really kind of attention-grabbing. It needed to be done right.” - Trista on the Dream Couture Bridal Event

“All of us as wedding professionals...we’re always trying to find that ‘something different’ for our clients.” - Michelle

“You should look like YOU on your wedding day. Just the highest degree of you.” - Christy, does that make sense?

“There’s nothing more unflattering that when a girl where’s something that she’s uncomfortable with. You can see it all over her face...so we really want to pay attention.” - Alex

“Our guys are becoming such divas and we love it.” - Alex and Trista, on grooms with ‘tude

“The fashion runway is where we are going to look for design inspiration because they are so cutting edge. It’s something that’s never been seen before.” - Alex, on where she draws inspiration

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