#64 Fall In Love With Your Wedding Photographer - Trish Dove


December 13th, 2017

1 hr 3 mins 5 secs

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Trish Dove, owner of Beatbox Studios in DFW, is a wedding photographer. She is full of tips and tricks for awesome photo sessions, and she’s sharing them on the podcast! Also, the very best thing about Trish is how she immediately connects with couples, and how she fosters that connection throughout the planning process for an end result of relaxed, happy, confident lovebugs enjoying the hell out of their wedding day. And the photos...tdf.

Big Takeaways
Personality matters! There are many photographers to choose from. If you hire someone with lots of experience, a great portfolio and nice equipment...you’re going to get good photos. But hiring someone that you LOVE, that you click with, that you feel a great vibe with...that is going to make the experience of your wedding day, and your wedding planning, SO much more enjoyable. Trish is a photographer that seals the deal with clients after a face-to-face meeting. Her personality and energy is what sets her apart. Getting to pick her brain about this whole process is fascinating!

Trish’s Routine for Kick Ass Pre-Ceremony photo sessions:
Set the scene. Favorite music and a little booze helps!
Natural, candid photos take a little choreography...Trish is great at this because she does it in a sneaky way. Instead of explicitly telling a couple what to do with their bodies and how to look at each other, Trish will set some other kind of action in motion, knowing that the end result will be the adorable kiss that they want
Pick a place that means something to you, if possible. If you hire an awesome photographer, they may go out to the location and scout around for ideas. Trish did that once and discovered a mini donkey named White Boy. He made the final cut and the photos are adorable.
Professional hair and makeup - well worth it if you can swing it. Trish calls it ‘photo insurance’. (If you can only afford one, Trish recommends makeup- LASHES.) This element helps make you look and feel your best on the shoot day, but also can mean that the turn-around time to get your photos back is cut in half because the editing is so minimal.
For ladies, Trish recommends hair down or half down...once it’s up, it pretty much needs to stay up, so starting with it down and then putting it up halfway through the session is a great idea.
Bring a couple outfits! Text your photographer your outfit options ahead of time. You’ll get the wheels turning before you even show up.
The day before and the morning of your photo session - drink a lot of water! It helps make your skin and eyes look great.

First Look: We’re going to do a dedicated Quick Focus episode about this specifically, with Trish’s input. Basically, photographers love them. Planners love them. And as a couple, you will get MANY more photos of the two of you, if you do a First Look before the ceremony starts. Bonus: you get to join your cocktail hour, instead of missing the whole thing while you frantically try to get a million photos together before dinner starts.

Details: If you look at a real wedding gallery on any blog right now, you’ll see photos of the invitations, paper goods, rings, and tangible items that you might be bringing to your wedding day...make sure your photographer knows where these special items are so that she gets photos! Trish recommends having a really nice, special invitation suite made up for photos - even if you opted for digital invitations.

Big Farewell! If you are planning on doing a sparkler exit (or a confetti, streamer, rice, bubble exit…), try to assign someone to organize it! This could be your wedding planner. A lot of times, it’s your photographer. You need to designate a lane, and guests are on each side. As the bride and groom, plan on going down the ‘aisle’ twice. Take your time! Smile. Kiss. Wave. High five.

If you have more than 150 guests, or multiple locations on the wedding day, you need a second shooter with your main photographer. And you need your photographer for a minimum of 6 hours on your wedding day. 8 hour is ideal.

Links we referenced
Where to find Trish online

“There’s always one in the couple that loves pictures and one that’s not a big fan...that is across the board. As long as I have a couple tricks in my pocket to warm them up before I even start shooting...they’re my best friend.” - Trish on engagement sessions

“Professional Hair and Makeup is photography insurance. Pro Tip.” - Trish

“Lighting is the number one thing that drives good photos.” - Trish

“Your wedding planner and your photographer...you need to LIKE them. You need to want to have drinks with them.” - Christy

“We give our stamp of approval, from planner and photographer, for the First Look.” - Christy

“The photos suffer and the day is more stressful when you don’t have a planner.” Christy and Trish said this in tandem!

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