#198 Easy Breezy DIY: Flower Moxie


May 20th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 5 secs

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Amy McCord Jones is a country girl from the plains of Oklahoma. She actually got her degree in Forensic Science before she realized she did not, in fact, want to pick maggots off of dead bodies for the rest of her life. So in her 20’s she worked as a chemist, picked her guitar down in Austin, had a corporate job, and finally fell into wedding planning in 2007. Since then, she has been a full-time planner and a self-taught florist and in 2014, she decided to start a little side- hustle for DIY brides called Flower Moxie for extra travel money and it took off from there. She joins us today to share about her business and give great tips on what you need to know with your wedding flowers!

Big Takeaways
Flower Moxie sells by the bunch. They don’t start breaking or cutting them apart, because it shortens the life of the flowers. When you receive them, you cut and prep them using their handy instructions.

Top 10 Rules to DIY Wedding Flowers

  1. Prep work. If you bungle the prep work, the design work will be so much harder.
  2. Have help. Be specific and don’t be afraid to take people up on their offers.
  3. If you’re going to DIY your flowers, you need to take some time off of work. Don’t try to fit all the work into one night.
  4. Do a practice run with grocery store flowers.
  5. Be flexible.
  6. When it comes to needing or wanting a particular color of flower, have Design Master on hand. Sometimes you’ll get the flower in and it’s not right on what you want. That will save the day.
  7. Don’t get locked in to one Pinterest picture. Flowers vary! Photos can be misleading, too. 8. Forage.
  8. Think of random flower placements. Ie: around the cake, on catering tables, etc.
  9. Have fun. Enjoy the event. Don’t focus on the little things that may go wrong.

Links We Referenced
https://flowermoxie.com - Promo code: BIGWEDDING for 10% off instagram.com/flowermoxie
alpinerings.com - Promo code: BIGWEDDING for 15% off

“I actually won’t really work with anybody that’s doing their own flowers. Unless, in writing, they say, ‘and we have help to place those flowers.’” - Michelle
“[Brides] have no problem pulling it off, and doing a beautiful job, when you lay it out and give them those details.” - Amy
“Educate yourself, because you’re taking on the role of being your own florist.” - Amy
“Not everybody is a DIY person. If you aren’t going to enjoy this process, just don’t do it!” - Christy

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