#10 Don't Get Crazy!


December 7th, 2016

37 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

Wedding Planning can be a stressful, unenjoyable, expectation-crushing, soul sucking experience that drives you to the absolute brink of relationship death! But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode, we debunk the stress-myth and share our vast experience about how to keep your eye on the prize and your feet on the ground as you plan your wedding. Stay alert and stay alive, y’all. Shit just got real!

Big Takeaways

  • Hey, maybe now is a good time to pick up yoga or meditation! Commit, Connect, Communicate. Remember that the wedding planning process is a journey - the wedding is not the end goal. It’s the marriage that you are beginning! Don’t let the planning consume your life.

  • Really try hard not to obsess over the details. Pick your battles! It’s cliche, but in wedding planning, it’s life.

  • Figure out how to share the workload (see the link below) so that you are both involved and invested. The wedding day does not belong to one partner - it is a ritualistic day that you experience as a couple. A day to celebrate your relationship and get you started off on the right foot for your life together.

  • Once again, we go over how you have to figure out your budget first. It’s a trickle down effect for all wedding planning. If you’re vague about it, it’s going to be a bigger issue down the road.

  • We probably say the word BREATHE about 50 times in this episode (Ok, maybe like a dozen). Can you tell that we deal with this a lot?

  • We are big proponents of ‘wedding planning breaks’. “We were taking A BREAK!” (Friends. Anyone? Anyone?)

Links we referenced

“A wedding is a representation of ourselves - of our identity as a couple. We are illuminating and displaying it for our family and friends on our wedding day. It’s a union to bring together our family and best friends...this is the village. We are creating something new with this marriage….This is a recipe for crazy.” -Michelle. We get it. Michelle frames it.

“Let this podcast redirect the focus, if you are in the thick of planning your wedding or if you’re just counting down the last couple weeks until your wedding...like, take a deep breath. This is just the beginning - it’s like a fun, opening day party for the rest of your life and relationship. Recognize that no matter what happens, at the end of this day - you will be married!” -Christy. Hey, if you are going to meditate, you can use this as your mantra.

“Once a decision is made, move on. That’s a big piece of advice for ‘don’t get crazy’. ...Don’t waste brain energy and time on decisions that have already been made. Let it go. Move on.” -Christy. Seriously, move on.

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