#25 (Don't) Drop The Mic! DJ Advice from Denon & Doyle


March 22nd, 2017

39 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

In the San Francisco Bay Area, you won’t find a shortage when looking for a wedding DJ, but one company looms large on the wedding horizon - Denon and Doyle. In this interview, Michelle talks to owner Sue Doyle, manager and DJ Mark Haggerty and DJ and office manager Mark Addison about their experiences ‘in the field’. They have an amazing team of professional DJ’s and include supplementary services like lighting, photo booths, AV and even childcare for events. Also - virtual reality! What?!

Big Takeaways
-Customer Service is TOPS. Accessibility for their clients is a priority. If you are a Denon and Doyle client, your questions are going to be answered and you will be treated professionally throughout the process. There is no room for EGO when you are a DJ backed by a big company like Denon and Doyle. We, as wedding planners, LOVE this.

-Most of the Djs at Denon and Doyle have not been professional DJs for a long time before working for the company. Sue mentions that bad habits are hard to break and they like to train their Djs in the Denon and Doyle way. No Cheese-balls here people.

-Sue’s #1 tip for engaged couples planning their wedding? Go into the company’s studio. Meet the DJs. See how the company is run. Does the DJ, or the company, have a client portal that you can utilize to input all the songs that you want and don’t want? Will the DJ go over the wedding day timeline with you? Is the equipment updated and upgraded? Are they insured (the answer needs to be yes!)? Is it possible to test drive a fancy dance floor or a photobooth? Denon and Doyle says YES to all of these questions.

-Virtual Reality sounds pretty cool on a podcast. But it’s SUPER COOL to do it for real. Michelle virtually kicks papaya butt on Fruit Ninja.

Links we referenced
Denon & Doyle Website
Denon and Doyle on Facebook


  • “I brought the female piece to this business. There are so many male-run DJ companies out there, and I don’t know that they can actually connect as well…” - Sue Doyle

  • “It’s a common worry. Because...the DJ has the microphone and they could say anything. And they are representing you as the host, at your own wedding. So you want someone that represents you well.” - Sue Doyle

  • “We’re not cheesy. We don’t have a strong ego. It’s not about us...this is your day and it’s about what you want.” - Sue Doyle - this is what wedding planners all look for in a DJ or DJ company!

  • “In doing this for 20 years, it is really cool for me to find that I can still be wowed by things. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about mobile Dj-ing.” - Addison - describing his awesome experiences as a wedding DJ, including a Harry Potter themed wedding!

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