#99 Destination Wedding Retrospective - Trisha & Sutton


August 8th, 2018

1 hr 9 mins 32 secs

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Trisha (from Episode 67!) got married to Sutton this summer in New Orleans. They rented out a venue for the weekend and hosted guests from all over the country for 3 nights of hot, sexy, boozy, NOLA fun. They’re on the podcast telling us what they learned and what they loved about their ‘best weekend ever’. Also, Christy was a VIP guest at this wedding (that’s what we called the non-wedding-party-wedding-party-stayed-at-the-venue-with-Trisha-and-Sutton) so she has lots of opinions too...mainly that the entire weekend was a total dream. And also notes that when you host a wedding with beer and wine only, it’s a nice treat to stow good tequila for the VIPS before and after parties…!

Big Takeaways
Don’t over-due the professional, formal photos! Trisha and Sutton learned a valuable lesson...when it’s hot and you have lots of family to get in the photos, it can feel...like a chore. Plan things out, if you can, so that you don’t have a solid hour of photos planned - anywhere in the timeline. Break it up. And if Trisha and Sutton could do it again, they would have taken more formal group photos at the rehearsal dinner - even though they wouldn't have been in their ‘wedding attire’ - it’s the people that matter (hello, Gramma!) and not the outfit.

With photos - if your wedding is outside, pick a great indoor location for photos as well - as a backup for weather, but also just as an additional option for the timeline. Pick out the place and keep it set and organized (and keep people out of the way) so that it is there for you in the event you need it.

When traveling with a wedding dress: if you can upgrade to business class, they’ll def hang it for you...if not, ask nicely and cross your fingers. Trisha strongly recommends that you carry-on ALL wedding attire that you will want on the wedding day. Don’t check the bag.

Trisha and Sutton regretted (more Trisha than Sutton) not putting more thought into their own toast at the rehearsal dinner - to the beloved family and friends present, many of whom hadn’t met each other officially. She wishes she had been able to lovingly call people out at the wedding, since they won’t have the chance again...as a group.

A couple of Trisha and Sutton’s “DOs” :
Hire event babysitters if there will be kids and the venue is any kind of a free-for-all. Lifeguard and sitter to help take the parental pressure off would have helped them a lot.
Read the fine print with tent companies and have your plan A and plan B in place in terms of how/when/where you will use the tent. Most tent companies have a decision deadline and if you can work with their terms, you won’t lose all of your money for a tent not used.
Schedule in time with each other. Down time. Soak it up.
If you can have an ‘overflow’ area - like an adjacent cabin, air bnb, or hotel room for kids and people that need a break...it will get used.
Trisha and Sutton were really glad that they were able to stay at the venue for most of the day after the wedding...the relaxing time and the stragglers and the un-scheduled-ness of it was exactly what Trisha and Sutton didn’t know they needed.

Links we referenced
Trisha’s first episode: http://www.thebigweddingplanningpodcast.com/the-second-time-around

Trisha and Sutton’s venue: http://raceandreligious.com

Hangover Remedy: https://www.morningrecoverydrink.com - Christy can personally attest to this product

Cake Plates: https://www.sweetandsaucysupply.com - great selection!

Queen Cover Band: https://www.facebook.com/magnificoqueen/ (they were AMAZING)

*Quotes *
“Numerous family members of mine came up to me and said, ‘If Christy hadn’t been there, you probably would have fallen apart.’ She was an integral part of making the day happen the way it did...Lady, you were the glue that made everything amazing across the event. To have that solid person in your life, club...they’re so key.” - Trisha to Christy, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE

“Every single kid was in that pool every hour that we were there.” “And some adults.” - Trisha and Sutton on the ‘decorative’ pool at Race&Religious

“Here’s a tip: Don’t serve hard alcohol. Keeping hard alcohol out of the mix allows lots of great time to actually talk to people. Keeps the kookiness out.” - Sutton on the bar situation

“If you’re having a destination wedding - you should host other weekend events if you can.” - Michelle, in a perfect world!

“If your partner is extremely passionate about something, you do not rain on that parade.” - Trisha

“Listen. Even if they don’t like cakes, they want a piece of fucking cake. It’s a real thing!” - Michelle

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