#112 Consignment Gowns With Our Story Bridal


November 7th, 2018

44 mins 27 secs

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What happens to your expensive, designer wedding dress after your wedding? Where can you buy a gorgeous ‘pre-owned’ dress in great shape, for a great price and STILL have a fabulous shopping experience? We’re talking to the owners of Our Story Bridal - a NYC-based wedding dress consignment shop and they’ve got answers!

Big Takeaways
Our Story Bridal is New York's only luxury consignment wedding boutique with pre-owned and sample dresses at up to 60% off with a curated assortment by designers like Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Inbal Dror, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. Better yet, our dresses are in immaculate condition and not only in runway or sample sizes.

It’s not easy to sell your wedding dress. Craigslist is unreliable and a hassle all the way around. Brides want to feel pampered when they are trying on dresses and looking to buy one. Dresses are often altered to specific measurements so they don’t really fit anyone else. Both Jacquelyn and Ana faced this dilema after their own weddings and in trying to find a solution - they ended up setting up a pop-up shop, and quickly found out that there is quite a market for resale bridal. Demand - meet Supply.

Jacquelyn and Ana met one other, and their future husbands, while students at Wharton Business School. Post-wedding, both owned designer gowns (Vera Wang and Mark Zunino, respectively) they knew other brides would love. Bridal consignment shops and reputable online platforms were scarce and impersonal, so they gathered once-worn and sample designer gowns, set up New York pop-up shops and the response was astonishing.

Our Story Bridal has an online presence and all their inventory is on the website, updated constantly. They also have a brick-and-mortar shop where brides can come in and have the experience they want to have, by appointment only. This was a key component to the success of Our Story Bridal. And they don’t just have dresses that have already been worn - they also have samples directly from other boutiques and designers.

Thinking of selling your dress? You can potentially make money from the sale (a lot easier and safer than trying to sell it on craigslist). Go to the website (link below, of course) and fill out the short survey form to sign up and OSB will walk you through the rest of the process. Once you send them your dress, you can expect updates asap. Most dresses that are going to sell, sell fast. And most sell!

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