#128 Cocktails With The Aero Bar


February 20th, 2019

47 mins 15 secs

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Brian Fuente, his right-hand woman Amberly, his parents, and his director of operations all met with us at the warehouse to show us the bars, talk business and cocktails with us, and to put a nice bow on our Nashville trip before we headed back home. Brian is the founder and owner of The Aero Bar, an uber cool and chic trailer bar that gets booked for all the hippest events in and around Nashville. With craft cocktails made to please and a super friendly staff of bartenders, Brian’s goal was to make sure that the drinks enhanced and lived up to the wedding they were served at. Customer service is a priority from start to finish and Southern Hospitality is alive and well at The Aero Bar, just like Nashville itself. Belly up and learn with us, dear listeners!

Big Takeaways
How are bars evolving and changing at weddings? Are signature cocktails still a ‘cutesy’ thing expected at every wedding? What is the bar owner’s favorite cocktail of all time?? These questions and more are answered by Brian! But the general gist is...more and more couples want to put some thought into their bar...the drinks served are thoughtfully decided on. The recipe, the booze, the fresh fruit, herbs, edible flowers, organic syrups, just-juiced-juice and delectable garnishes...everything was curated. Couples want the bar experience to feel upscale and inventive. They want their drinks to look and taste amazing, and for the whole bar to be memorable. The taste level is high, and the expectation is for each and every drink to be topnotch.

The bar itself was a product of blood, sweat, and tears. The original Aero Bar (The Henry) is a trailer covered with hand selected wood from North Carolina and was hand-sanded by Brian himself, and completely refurbished. It’s something he is clearly proud of and it shows in the business he operates. You have to check out the website photos - there are other companies in other cities that do mobile bars, and we think they’re all cool! But this one has a masculine, sexy feel to it and we love it.

The Aero Bar has been used at all kinds of events and can serve anything. It’s a different bar every time. Coffee Bar, corporate branded water bottle bar, dessert station, full bar...plus people LOVE to take photos in front of this bar. Think outside the box! We love the double duty here...if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a specific element of your wedding, make sure it’s available for photos all night!

How does a bar service like The Aero Bar deal with liability and insurance? Typically, caterers focus on the food and food service, and the bar company provides the bar and everything that includes: coordinating glassware rentals, insured and licensed bartenders and staff, all ingredients, set up, breakdown...you get it. We have a whole episode about liability insurance and it’s important! Make sure you cross your Ts on this one, y’all.

Crowd Pleasing drink of 2019? Brian says the classic Old Fashioned cocktail is always a winner (especially in Nashville). Asking for local favorites and products is always a good idea, though, if you’re looking for signature cocktail ideas for your destination wedding.

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*Quotes *
“This business has turned into something that is bigger than I ever thought it would be.” - Brian, the owner

“People want a really unique experience. This bar was a blank slate for any event that we work.” - Brian

“Hiring a wedding professional who has a staff-as-family mentality and gets along and plays well with other vendors at your wedding...whoever it is, you want to hire someone with this mentality. Hire a vendor after you listen to them and find out how they talk about and treat their staff.” - Michelle, on how hospitable vendors treat EVERYONE well

“Shots at a wedding are a bad idea, in general.” - Christy

“Nashville is a great town to get married in.” - Brian, and we believe it!

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