#110 Christy & Michelle Reunited


October 24th, 2018

42 mins 7 secs

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You guys! A miracle has occurred. Christy and Michelle were able to see each other! In person! For hours! Drinks were drunk! Laughs were had! And most importantly, photos were taken. Because if a reunion for the ages takes place and photos aren’t taken, did it really happen? No!
Christy had her last wedding of 2018 this past weekend, in the Bay Area. Michelle happened to be available the day before the wedding. Against all odds, we were able to throw together a professional shoot and tool around town taking fun pics together. It was a blast! So we recorded along the way, in a kitchen, in a car and made sure to get fun boomerangs in a bar. We did it for you, dear listeners!

Big Takeaways
Photo shoots are fun! At least, they should be. We suggest having a shot of tequila before you begin! We talked a lot about how this shoot was kinda like an engagement shoot. And we have an idea - BFF Shoots. They should be a thing. You hire a photographer, pay a professional hair and makeup artist, coordinate your outfits, map out your route and go frolic around and take silly, gorgeous pics for a couple of hours! It’s well worth it - the experience and the product. In our case, this was such a big reunion - we’ve been talking to each other at least once a week for over two years now. We text all the time. We make plans. We schedule and reschedule. But we never got to actually hang out! And this was a great way to jump back in.

Our “Rules” for a photo shoot: big hair, big lashes. Cocktails to loosen up. Pretend to be super models or ugly ducklings post makeover in a movie montage. Fake it til you make it! Change outfits at least three times. Say YES when your partner suggests doing something funny or silly or brave. Laugh. Gaze at each other. Recite ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ to each other if the photographer wants you to look like you are having a nice candid conversation but you don’t know what to say. Did I mention hire a professional stylist? We did and she was the BEST investment ever. It’s fun to be pampered.

If you are doing an engagement shoot - consider it a trial run and a practice for the wedding day. Take the opportunity to get to know the photographer. We’ve said it on the ‘cast a million times, you need to LIKE your photographer. As in, you should want to hang out with him or her. The engagement shoot is a chance to get on the same wave length, the same vibe and to loosen up around them as they take your pic and direct you a little. There were times when Stian made us laugh and I know those are some of the best pictures of the bunch.

Digital guestbook - so cool! At this wedding Christy did, the guests were pretty tech-savvy as a whole and the guestbook was awesome. Having a planner helps because Christy was able to charge the ipad and test the guestbook app before the wedding day. Link below. (Also, if you’re using an ipad for this, make sure you tape the unlock code to it just in case!)

Links we referenced
Our stylist: www.beautybyerika.com
Our photographer: www.neonstian.com

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