#13 Cheers To Wedding Toasts!


December 28th, 2016

36 mins 37 secs

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So….who is supposed to give a toast at your wedding? What are the rules? Are there rules? In this episode, Christy and Michelle discuss the toasts, which by the way is Christy’s very favorite part of a wedding. #maketoastsgreatagain

Big Takeaways
Typically, you have a welcome toast or blessing. Then, sometime during dinner, the Best Man and Maid of Honor give toasts. At cake cutting, the couple themselves might want to give a toast to say thank you to their guests. But...as always, we emphasize that ‘typical’ might not be for you!

-A new trend with gay weddings is a toast during the ceremony. So fun!

-Remember - it’s a toast, not a roast! Oh, and 5 minutes is a looooong time to talk.
-If there is someone that you definitely DON’T want to give a toast at your wedding, make sure you tell your planner, or if you don’t have a planner, tell your DJ or emcee to be vigilant with the mic.
-People can toast with whatever they are drinking. Champagne is nice, but not a total necessity.

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“I have a confession to make. I eat a LOT of fast food. I probably have fast food -- my ears are burning because I am so filled with shame -- 4-5 times a week.” - Christy. Confessing her fast food addiction to Michelle (It took us a while to get around to actually talking about toasts. We were catching up!)

“When else in your life are you going to be in a room where people are going to stand up and tell you how much they love you? Your funeral. That’s it. ...I’m of the mind that the more people that want to toast, the better. Let’s just figure out the best way to time it all out.” - Christy. We told you she LOVES toasts!

“Good rule of thumb. Whoever is hosting the event - they are the ones that give the welcome toast.” - Michelle. See, sometimes we have easy-peasy real-world advice!

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