#113 Celestial Self-Care With wedwell


November 14th, 2018

1 hr 2 mins 50 secs

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We have guests on the show today!

Lilia is the co-founder of wedwell. She created this platform to help challenge the wedding industry to bring more self care and wellness practices to this important time in someone's life.
Ashley is a tarot reader on wedwell's platform. Ashley blends tarot and her innate intuitive abilities to serve those who feel misunderstood with a little everyday magic.
Um, we love them.

Big Takeaways
We hear a lot of listener questions about ways to celebrate wedding planning stuff in unique and fun ways. We’re talking about weekend retreats, showers, bachelorette’s, engagement parties...how to change them up? Here are some ideas! Make wellness a fun treat for you and yours. Hire a tarot card reader for your girl’s weekend. Schedule some yoga classes for all your wedding tribe. Make sure you and your partner make time for relationship wellness...wedwell can help with mind, body, and heart connections. FYI - We would love to have a psychic reading at a cocktail party! Invite us!

Lilia created wedwell so that other people in the midst of wedding planning would have a sort of one-stop-shop for wellness practitioners, one place to go and find help navigating the big decisions and the toll that stress will take during planning. All of the services are offered remotely - so all you need is a phone or computer.

wedwell is a site that caters to women, and all the practitioners on the site are women. Their demographic is women that care about wellness, but still want to have fun. Bringing these things...yoga, meditation, aura readings, tarot readings, health advising, meal planning (based on the position of the moon!), conscious vow-writing, body image coaching...it’s comprehensive!

Working with some comprehensive wellness experts can help guide wedding planning by highlighting some of your strengths and weaknesses, so you can move forward more confidently, more centered. And help you tap into a mindfulness on your wedding day so you can be present and soak it all in! Working with someone ahead of time might hlep strengthen those tools.

Links we referenced

“When I got engaged, I noticed that within the wedding industry there is so much pressure and so much stress and I experienced is all myself. And I was like - if I’m teaching yoga and I’m meditating...I can’t even imagine how people deal with this without these tools. And I thought - I have to create a platform to bring wellness to weddings.” - Lilia

“I get stressed and depressed and upset just like everybody else out there...there’s shit going on. And if you layer that with the stress of wedding planning...this is a recipe for STRESS.” - Michelle

“We started with wedding yoga and then it evolved into a concierge where you can go online and find a service.” - Lilia about her business growth

“It all comes back to energy. We’re all just trying to tap in and see how we can interact.” - Ashley

“Wow. You sound exactly how I wanted you to sound.” - Christy, about Ashley

“It’s not a black and white world. There is so much grey. Let’s actually get into it.” - Ashley, on how she works with people intuitively

“The essence of motherhood is love. And the way you love others is by doing things that make you feel good.” - Ashley, to Christy

“You’re in a tower moment. You just have to let it burn.” - Ashley, to Michelle

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