#179 Celebrate With Impact


January 22nd, 2020

1 hr 4 mins 17 secs

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A nuptial maestro for a decade, José Rolon specializes in bringing comfort to a process that’s famously filled with tough decisions and mounting stress. After his time at the Foundry, a luxury wedding venue in NYC, José went out on his own with the goal of leveraging his storytelling and relationship building abilities to create emotional and visual experiences for his clients. His work has been celebrated with the Best of The Knot, New York Times, Essence Magazine, BRIDES, and New York Weddings. José lives in Brooklyn Heights with his three children, and as a single dad, has learned how to keep his cool under pressure.

He is also the host of The Wedding Buzz, a video podcast that has people’s attention keeping his finger on the pulse of the wedding industry.

Just this year, he launched Impact with Choice, a new initiative in sustainability, and today, he joins Christy to do a deep dive.

Big Takeaways
Donating parts of your wedding can make a huge difference in the waste you are putting out. All those flowers that are used for a few hours could really make all the people at the nursing home’s day.

Impact with Choice takes away a lot of the logistic stress of donating and making an impact. José understands that more work and more money is not necessarily the most appealing thing, but when it can be taken care of before hand, it becomes a gift instead of a stressor.

You don’t have to change your entire wedding to make an impact. If any of this resonated with you, the resources are available to help you make your wedding a more sustainable day. Taking even just one of the tips would make such a difference.

If this important to you, build it into your planning. Ask your vendors questions!

Links we referenced

“Anything is better than nothing.” - Christy

“I want my clients to donate to something they believe in. Not feeling like the money they’re giving me is going to a cause I believe in.” - José

“To me, what better way to start by thinking about how you as a unit, as a couple, want to make an impact, big or small, to the world.” - José

“Something people don’t think about is - make sure you order things in bulk. If you order things in bulk ahead of time, there is less packaging to throw away.” - José

“Don’t do it because it’s trending, do it because you’re moved to do it.” - José

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