#16 Catering


January 18th, 2017

31 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

The way to a wedding guest’s heart is through their stomach. The reception typically makes up 50-60% of your overall wedding budget. Let’s talk about how that money gets spent on food!

Big Take Aways

  • What are some different ways to cater your wedding? We delve into the options and the pros and cons. In-house catering, outside catering, or a preferred list of caterers. Let us help you figure that out.

  • Should you have a plated meal, a buffet, or perhaps the currently trendy action stations? The prices may be surprisingly close and you need to consider logistics like guest count, room size, and your overall timeline.

  • Our caterer friend (and Michelle’s little cousin) Christina Bushby, offers an insider’s opinion on the current trends she is seeing with catering: succulents and natural accents in the display of food, action stations, awesome late night snacks, and she told us that if you want to cut a little out of the food budget, add carbs! Everyone loves a bread bowl on the table!

  • Apple watches are awesome. But they can easily be stolen and hacked! And there is no ‘find my watch’ feature. Trust Christy on this one.

Links we referenced
Paula Le Duc Fine Caterting Catering http://www.paulaleduc.com

Episode Quotes
“We strongly discourage, as wedding planners, having any sort of DIY when it comes to catering…Like my aunt makes tamales in her kitchen and they’re really amazing” “She really does.” -Christy and Michelle on Auntie’s tamales and how they shouldn’t be your wedding reception meal. Catering a wedding is far different than your family feasts.

“I feel like a buffet is more successful if you have a high guest count, because the food is hot.” -Christy, who wants her steak rare and her mashed-potatoes hot please

“We get a lot of questions about how to save money, and we can’t tell you how to save money unless you tell us how important the food is to you!” –Christy

“Let’s eat real quick, give them some energy, some nutrition, some nourishment, and let’s party.” –Michelle, on priorities!

“You can’t eat and talk at the same time! You want to make sure your lipstick looks good.” –Michelle, truth. (We encourage you, as the couple getting married, to EAT at your wedding reception.)

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