#21 Catching Up!


February 22nd, 2017

56 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Michelle is sick and Christy has a fat lip - but we will carry on! It’s been awhile since our podcast has gotten back to it’s roots...so to speak. We have been dissecting the WEDDING DAY TIMELINE, in our recent 3 piece mini-series, and Michelle recently interviewed Maria Chang, which was inspirational and insightful. We’ve just been craving a lighter, chatty chat, and we needed to catch up with each other! So here is what we threw around in this episode:

Big Takeaways
The Real Housewives...we have decided that house-husband PK is no good. But we love you, Boy George!

How are we feeling about our podcast thus far?? Pretty great! How are YOU feeling about our podcast?? Please let us know. We love interacting with our listeners and we will try to answer all your quick questions on twitter and Facebook and beyond! Heck, we may even address your questions on the podcast!

Why are we doing the podcast? Because we love talking about weddings and we love talking to each other and one could argue that we both just love talking! And talking about something that we are knowledgeable and passionate about is pretty awesome. Knowing that people are listening and have found our advice helpful...big bonus! We feel grateful and we are having a great time! In this episode, we talk a little about our process, and our progress.

Weddings we are working on and networking we are doing: We’re busy wedding planners - with Michelle pounding the pavement in the Bay Area (her winter home for now), and with ties to Boston...about to head to Mexico, and Christy doing weddings in Dallas/Fort Worth...we almost have the country covered! Also, we talk about how Open Houses can be really helpful with your wedding planning.

Here’s whats coming up:
Michelle’s interview with Michelle Walker, wedding photographer
Michelle’s interview with Nancy Liu Chin, florist
Michelle’s interview with Kathy Newby, Abbey Party Rentals SF
Christy’s interview with Becca Ashmon, BA Beauty, Makeup Artist
Michelle’s interview with DJ Company Denon and Doyle
Wedding Planner Funny Stories
Hair and Makeup Timeline - hints and necessities
Wedding DIYs...what works, what doesn’t
Breaking down the Wedding Day Setup List

Social Media - Ah! Twitter...we need a Twitter miracle. Christy is looking for it. Every damn day. @TBWPpodcast

And...here are some listener questions we addressed:
“The wedding is in 2 months and the caterer is MIA - are we doomed?” - hint, NO!
“Should we let our wedding party bring PLUS ONES even if we don’t want random people at our wedding?” - this answer is complicated. Let’s discuss.
Black Tie vs Black Tie Optional

Links we referenced
Our website! Specifically our profile page, which includes pictures of us. http://www.thebigweddingplanningpodcast.com/hosts

“I’ve done weddings where the bride and groom had to rent - no joke - a Uhaul to give me all the items they wanted to set up...this is crazy. All that stuff for one day.” Christy, on setting up. It’s a spectrum.

“Open Houses can be a really great way for couples to get to know a bunch of vendors at one time. And not just go to a table and pick up a business card, but also to talk to the person that’s there, like really get to know them a little bit. It’s a unique opportunity in two hours to get to know 20 vendors and then maybe you hire someone that you met that night.” Christy, on the virtues of a venue Open House - a ‘live preferred vendor list’

“You’re like the kid who transferred schools as a freshman and then came back as a senior and now you’re like, I’m back Bitches! What’s up?” - Christy, on Michelle’s triumphant return to the SF Bay Area wedding industry

“This journey has been awesome with you, man. And also - we’re starting to get some people! Tweeting us and emailing us and commenting and we’re hearing from you guys and it feels great….and we sincerely do appreciate you.” Michelle, getting sentimental about our podcasting days together

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