#51 Catch Up & Playing Officiant


September 13th, 2017

45 mins 32 secs

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It’s a smorgasbord of topics and we think you’re gonna love it! Sometimes your lovely hosts just need to catch up. Travel horror stories, anniversaries, first days of school, cool mom tips, and...wedding planner stuff. We are girlfriends, after all. So, we recorded this episode to just get back to basics, the two of us, the original duo.

Big Takeaways
Christy was just the officiant for her cousin’s wedding in upstate New York. Turns out, it’s a tough gig! It’s emotional, there’s a lot of pressure, there may be AV issues to deal with (or projecting your voice), you’re in front of a lot of people...and it’s IMPORTANT! So...the lesson here is, choose your officiant wisely. Make sure your chosen officiant is prepared, and has rehearsed many times. Also...even if you don’t think a microphone is necessary...it probably is. Christy learned this the hard way!

Kids. We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again. Kids at weddings are distracting. Almost 100% of the time, ‘kids being kids’ means that there will be extra noise and a couple surprises along the way. We love ‘em, but even the best behaved kids are going to distract here and there. The two times that the kid-noise is pretty annoying: the ceremony, and the toasts.

Get the script! After your wedding, ask your officiant, reverend, justice of the peace...whoever marries you, get the script from them and keep it as a keepsake in your wedding album. It’s something you can reread on your anniversary.

Your officiant is usually the person who mails in the marriage certificate. If your officiant is a friend, make sure they do this. If they aren’t completely reliable, take it and mail it yourself. You don’t want to find out a year later that you aren’t legally married because someone dropped the ball of red tape!

Working the room on your wedding day: We know receiving lines are old-fashioned and hard to orchestrate at big weddings. And visiting every table during dinner isn’t always possible either. But we do think that making sure to get some face time in with every guest - especially the grandparents and their generation - is super important. Remember not to take this gathering for granted. Your friends and family, people who love you, are all there to share your wedding day with you. So, don’t forget to say hi and give lots of hugs!

Planning your wedding can be all-encompassing. There are so many logistics and things to check off of your to-do lists. By the time the big day comes, you may be sort of hit by the emotional aspect of it! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We plan weddings for a living and they still surprise us with the sentimentality!

Coming soon: Divorced parents and wedding planning. What are the rules? Are there rules? How does this work? We’ll break it down in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned!

Links we referenced
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Justice Kennedy’s (beautiful) Marriage Equality quote

“I’m used to feeling like I nailed it! And I didn’t feel that way after this wedding.” - Christy, on her officiant gig

“Michelle, my knees were visibly shaking up there!” - Christy, nervous nelly!

“So the moral of the story is...keep the mic.” - Michelle, AV advice

“Remember that people go out of there way, literally, flying across the country, to celebrate your wedding.” - Christy, reminding you to get real face time with your grandma at your wedding

“It’s a village. People come to celebrate you. Those are the sweet moments you won’t forget.” - Christy, Face time part 2

“There are matriarchs in a family, and you are one of those matriarchs now...in charge of bringing the heart to these events.” - Christy to Michelle re: a family wedding coming up

“We’ve gotta wrap it up, because it’s wedding season, lady. And I am so freaking busy!” - Michelle with the last word

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