#11 Can My Kids Come To Your Wedding?


December 14th, 2016

31 mins 40 secs

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Michelle and Christy tackle kids on this episode. Not literally, of course. We seldom actually tackle kids, but if you end up having a bunch of kids at your wedding and they ruin everything, you may want to tackle a couple of them. On the flip side, kids are awesome and may just take your big ‘ol family wedding from fun to AMAZING, so let’s dish about it...as we do!

Big Takeaways
There are several ways to make it clear to your invitees that you don’t want kids at your wedding Put it on the invitation and the wedding website. Enlist the MOMS, tell your moms and tell them to spread the word.

You are not obligated to entertain the kids at your wedding - but if you can, we suggest you do. Provide kids meals, pay for event sitters to chill with the kids in an adjacent room. Set up a special table with customized baskets filled with crayons and coloring books.

As always - we suggest you make the best decision for YOU, and let the chips fall where they may.

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Quotes we referenced
“It’s your wedding, it’s your decision. Don’t worry about people getting upset on that day. Worry about YOU, and having a great time.”
-Michelle, BOOM.

“Where are they going to put them to bed and where will they be when I come in later and I’m totally hammered and I want to have some fun with my husband?”

-Michelle, asking the question of the ages about how exactly kids are going to cock-block on a fun date-night

“Kids are weird. They’re going to have like one bite, go out on the dance floor and spin around on their heads, then come back and finish it off. Think about what you’re going to serve them, how you’re going to serve them and what time.”


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