#4 Budget - How Much?


November 4th, 2016

33 mins 52 secs

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You’re engaged. You know you want a wedding. How much does a wedding cost? How do you figure it out? We school you on how to create your wedding budget.

Big Take Aways

  • Michelle and Christy have a special formula to figure out the budget:
    Geographic Location + Number of Guests + Style of Wedding = Wedding Budget

  • Always have a range for your budget instead of a firm number. But BE REALISTIC and honest with each other about this range and your individual priorities.

  • Everything is negotiable! Venue managers want your business. Don’t be shy - tell the venue manager what your budget is (for room rental, food, beverage) and they will tell you if they can make it work.

  • Lots of articles and resources out there can tell us what an ‘average’ wedding costs. Here is what most of them mean by ‘average’: 125 guests, hotel ballroom or wedding venue with basic rentals included in their wedding package, DJ (no band), centerpieces and personal flowers. No elaborate floral installation, etc. You get the point.

Links we referenced

www.theweddingreport.com - Plug in the zip-code of where you want to have your wedding and find out the average cost for a ‘typical’ wedding in that geographic area. (Under ‘Market Search’)

Wedding Wire Budget Guide: http://publications.weddingwire.com/i/644940-weddingwire-budget-guide-2016

Episode Quotes

“There are ways to plug in numbers and get some information on the front end so that all the math trickles out and you can see how it all affects everything else and where you need to move some money around. So we are advocates of spreadsheets and Excel formulas. We are into that. “ - Christy, on what turns wedding planners on

“And please, please make this the first thing you do in the planning process: Come up with a budget. Please don’t call vendors before knowing your budget. Figure out your budget first and foremost, before anything. “ - Michelle, begging you to decide on the big numbers!

“No matter what your budget is, just make this wedding about you. Customize it to you. “ –Michelle, Don’t get her started on cookie-cutter weddings…

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