#96 Bridechilla + TBWPP = LOVE


July 18th, 2018

40 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast is our baby. We are following in the footsteps of awesome podcasters all over the world...namely the wedding podcast “Bridechilla” - the illustrious, premier wedding podcast. Host and producer Aleisha McCormack is gracious and knowledgeable and hilarious and we are so happy to have her on! Listen to her podcast and check out her wedding planning guides online. Links below!

Big Takeaways
Basically, we love the whole ‘Bridechilla’ community. The movement that Aleisha created is based on staying grounded, following your heart when wedding planning, staying true to yourself and stripping away the bullshit. We are all about this! Her podcast is all about sharing this message and an entire community has stepped together around the themes that Aleisha presents in her podcast. So- we’re fans. We’re colleagues. We’re peers. And we are so stoked to have her on the podcast - we think you are going to fall in love with her!

Here on TBWPP, we focus a lot on same-sex weddings. It’s important to us and we want to be inclusive for our listeners. And on Bridechilla - she is awesome about focusing on and including the mental health issues, including depression. Both podcasts are about speaking to our listeners and giving them what they want! Sometimes, that is support.

The Fuck-It Bucket. What?! In Aleisha’s: DIY projects that are half done. Gift bags. Favors. Chair covers.

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*Quotes *
“I’ve always welcomed new voices in this space. As soon as someone is new, I’m like COME ABOARD!” - Aleisha, on the podcast club welcome committee

“I’m not a wedding person. I’m a chick that got hitched and thought - actually, this is a lot more stressful and ridiculous than it should be. We’re planning a party. I’m a feminist, I’m pretty left wing. I like to swear. I’m entrepreneurial, I’m driven and I’m passionate. That all goes into the Bridechilla ethos.” - Aleisha, on the Bridechilla movement

“My overriding message is about empowerment and it’s about making choices that suit you and your partner. And that also is about taking that into your marriage and into your life.” - Aleisha - YAS!

“I think people have jumped on to this train because I break it down to exactly what you need. And all the other stuff is extras. They’re lovely extras. They’re expensive extras. But you need to do whatever you want to do!” - Aleisha

“No one is going to leave your wedding and be like - It was a great wedding, but those chairs were disgusting.” - Aleisha, on an element of her fuck-it bucket list

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