#30 Booty Shoot! Miss Chloe


April 26th, 2017

34 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Boudoir shoots...what are they? Who does them? Why?? In this episode, Michelle goes ‘behind the scenes’ and hangs out with photographer Michelle Walker and bride Chloe as Chloe bares all (or most) for a sexy, fun boudoir shoot. Chloe shares why she is doing this, and what she is looking forward to...the experience itself is fun and empowering, and the photos will be put together in a special album for her future husband.

Big Takeaways
Boudoir shoots are as much - if not more - for the woman taking the photos, as they are for the partner who receives the gift. We love this!

The delivery of the album - the big gift for your partner - is an event in itself! Chloe plans to give her fiance the naughty album on the morning of the wedding, and they plan on capturing the moment with the wedding videographer. Lasting memories for all!

During a boudoir shoot, the photographer directs the poses precisely. The art of reveal is a big part of the experience. Shadows, angles, and lighting are the keys to feeling confident, beautiful and SEXY! We suggest you jump into this with a photographer you trust implicitly, of course.

Chloe talks about how on your wedding day, you want to feel beautiful and sexy, and how your photographer helps you feel that way. An engagement shoot is great to get comfortable and practice as a ‘model’, and a boudoir shoot is a fast track to feeling confident and comfortable with your photographer for the wedding day. Plus, it’s practice figuring out what makes you feel great.

On another note, Chloe is planning her destination wedding in Mexico and she has a Bay Area planner hired to help her with everything. She ALSO has a travel agent and highly suggests having both on your wedding planning team. Good advice.

Links we referenced
Chloe Jackman, Bride, Model and Wedding Photographer!
Michelle Walker, Wedding Photographer
Nikole Elaine, Hair and Makeup Artist
Tamara J Events, Event Planner
Millers Imaging (for super quality and quick turn around!)

“Nice to meet ya! I like your girls!” - Michelle, upon first meeting Chloe

“It is important to be in your body and love your body the way it is. And if you’re marrying the right person...they tell you everyday how beautiful you are so why not capture that and give them that gift. And give yourself that gift!” - Chloe, on why she is doing this!

“You DID wax!” - Who knows?!

“Do we need to put some lube on the nips?” “#sparklethenips!” - Michelle, if she had a dime for every time she asked this question!

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