#185 BONUS: National Wedding Planning Day!


March 1st, 2020

43 mins 13 secs

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Our guest today is Kim Forrest, Senior Editor at WeddingWire. She has been writing about wedding soft over a decade, specializing in etiquette and planning advice. She has previously written for brides.com, Brides Local Magazine, and Washingtonian Bride & Groom, and has been quoted as a wedding expert in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Refinery29, and more.

Big Takeaways
Have conversations about the type of wedding you want to have. Big or small? What season? Style? What venue? In the beginning, these can just be light and fun conversations to have to start putting together what you want in the future. And you can make sure you and your future spouse and family are all on the same page. Take your time. And put on a united front with your partner. Write it down, take notes so you can look back at them later.

When it comes to the registry, you are not limited to the normal kitchen, bathroom, bedroom goods. You can register for camping equipment, pet supplies, and really anything that feels personal and unique to you. If you’re not going to use it, don’t register for it. People want to give you gifts that mean something to you.

If there is a trend doesn’t feel relevant or personal to you, you don’t have to do it. Your wedding is your big day, and there is no need to fit into the popular wedding designs. There are ways to implement certain trends while still fitting your tastes, too. For instance, sustainability is a big deal to many couples, and is something to take into consideration while planning the day.

After the basic first conversations, the first thing to do is find the wedding venue. After that is nailed down, you can start to think about the vendors, the designs, and all of the bits and pieces that pull the day together. Most of your guests decide if they are coming to your wedding before the save the date even arrives in the mail. Your wedding is your day, and the big goal is to make the day personal and special for you and YOUR guests.

It’s okay to not follow all the traditions. If you don’t want to be put on display for a first dance, then don’t do it! Do what feels right to you. There is no rule book anymore.

Links we referenced
weddingwire.com facebook.com/weddingwire twitter.com/weddingwire instagram.com/weddingwire instagram.com/kimforrestrichards

“When you get into the weeds of wedding planning, you can look back at the things you discussed at first to see what was really important to you.” - Kim
“You know your style, you know your taste, we’ve figured out your priorities, we know your budget. So, let’s make this short and sweet. We don’t have to reach out to every single photographer.” - Michelle
“I love a good set of personalized vows.” - Kim
“I love this idea of National Wedding Planning Day, because it’s a great way to jumpstart your wedding planning experience and really take ownership of it and have fun.” - Kim

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