#144 Spotlight Series: Birdy Grey Bridesmaid Dresses


May 28th, 2019

34 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Birdy Grey has revolutionized the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress. After realizing the accessibility, and quality of bridesmaid dresses didn’t reflect the price, two best friends, Grace Lee (formerly of InStyle Magazine and Kate Spade New York) and Monica Ashauer (of McKinsey and Co, and Ralph Lauren) started this company offering beautiful, well-made dresses for under $100.

Big Takeaways
There are 15 styles and 15 colors to choose from, meaning that every dress can match without having to try to fit different bodies in one style dress. The dresses are made to be easy to tailor, so find a style you love and adjust it to your height preference afterward. The lining of the dresses feels like a t-shirt, soft and flattering, so you don’t have to be wishing you could change out of your dress the whole night. Also, all the dresses have pockets big enough to fit an iPhone X, so keep your flask, your blotting papers, anything without adding any extra bulkiness.

"Monica and I are best friends, but we are completely opposite in skill sets... She has the exact sort of complementary skill set to mine." - Grace

"A lot of the clients that I served were in beauty and in luxury, so I really started to gravitate towards that, because it's so much more fun than semiconductors." - Monica

"Now you just tell your friends, I won't be your bridesmaid, but I'll certainly give you a dress." - Michelle

"We try to keep it real at Birdy Grey. You're probably not going to wear a dusty rose or blush ruffled dress again, after the wedding. I will say that we do have some pieces in our collection that lend itself nicely to other black-tie events." - Grace

Links We Referenced
Birdy Grey https://www.birdygrey.com/
The Princess Project http://princessproject.org/get-a-dress/
Project Sunshine https://projectsunshine.org

The promo code! BIGWEDDING for free shipping from now - June 27,2019 (US only)