#57 A Wedding Day Story


October 25th, 2017

46 mins 38 secs

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Michelle manages the impossible on this one when she takes her microphone along on a wedding day. Listen in as Michelle, Stephanie & Ryan tell the story of the wedding on the ACTUAL wedding day. Hearing the perspectives not only of the Bride and Groom, but also of their Planner. Congratulations Stephanie & Ryan!

Big Takeaways
Every couple has a story - how they met, why they fell in love, and what dreams they have for their life together. Listening to Stephanie and Ryan talk about their wedding - on their wedding day - allows us insight into their story. How cool! Big thank you to the lovely couple for letting TBWPP document their big day in such a cool way.

Stephanie’s grandmother gives her a lace handkerchief to carry on her wedding day - it was a gift handed down to the matriarchs in her family for decades, passed from moms to daughters and aunts and sisters...everyone that has carried the handkerchief is still married! Gifts like these, with history, and passed down with love, make for memorable, emotional moments on the wedding day. We LOVE moments like these. Michelle ended up tying the handkerchief and a necklace to the bridal bouquet - so sweet and meaningful.

Michelle talks to Stephanie literally minutes before she walks down the aisle. Hearing a bride put into words how she feels in that moment is pretty amazing. Stephanie inadvertently drops some very good wedding day advice - stay in the moment. Remember to enjoy the wedding day...and the best way to do this is to just settle into gratitude.

Confetti - it may be messy to clean up, but take it from us: Guests love it. And the photos are so cool.

If you hire a wedding photographer and a videographer, be prepared for some level of distraction. Both visually and audibly...the moving around and the clicking and the flashing...it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You will notice it. It’s a small sacrifice because you will have such an amazing document of your wedding day, but you may be distracted, or even a little thrown off, by it on the wedding day. Unless you’re used to being followed around by the paparazzi.

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“Life isn’t perfect. It’s full of imperfections and unanswered questions. And we’re still searching for meaning.” - Ryan, reflecting on their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ wedding theme

“So during the planning process, you’ve moved twice, you’ve changed jobs twice...are you going to be happy when the wedding’s over?” - Michelle, asking Ryan if he’s in the know for all the wedding day details

“All the people that have shown up to with celebrate us, and have wished us well and been so generous and so thoughtful...it’s so overwhelming.” - Stephanie, on the unexpected love felt on her wedding day

“I’m having to really focus on gratitude and stop being such an OCD stage-mom!” - Stephanie, on how being so hands-on for her wedding day has gotten in the way a little bit!

“For me, on a wedding day, there’s a lot of preparation. I’m behind the scenes...I focus on it ALL. I arrive, almost always before any vendor, I walk the space, I take some time, I have some silence. What I loved is, that I saw the work that Stephanie had put into this wedding almost immediately.” - Michelle, on her planner routine

“I want to keep grasping it and savoring it and it just keeps running through my hands and I can’t dwell too long on one thing because the next thing is coming. It’s a lot of practicing being in the moment.” - Stephanie, on experiencing the wedding day, one moment at a time

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