#94 10(ish) Things Wedding Planners Want Clients To Know


July 4th, 2018

58 mins 40 secs

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We’re getting personal on this one! We’re wedding planners. You know that, right? But what do we WEDDING PLANNERS really think about our clients? What do we wish you knew? What drives us crazy?! We’re gonna tell you. Buckle up.

Big Takeaways
10(ish) Things Wedding Planners Wish Clients Knew
**Listen to the episode for our elaborations!

Come Prepared to a wedding meeting. Especially if it’s an initial consultation. Look at the vendor’s website at the VERY least.
Communication is VITAL. We’re talking about between the client and planner, but it goes for life generally too. Be open, be honest.
Make decisions! In a timely fashion. When you hem-and-haw, you frustrate everyone and you slow down the process of wedding planning. Yes, there are big decisions...there are also deadlines. Embrace the deadlines
Once you find what you are looking for, stop looking.
Instead of a hard number for your budget, have a range. Make sure you have the funds for the TOP of your budget range.
You don’t need to let your vendors in on your entire decision-making process. Vendors need final decisions. Emailing them everytime you change your mind is probably not necessary and could muddle and confuse things. Keep it simple.
Be smart about how you display your seating assignments! And don’t worry if someone cancels the day before the wedding...no need to mark up that perfect seating chart sign that you printed.
BUFFER time. Know it, love it. You need it. Definitely consider the hair/makeup micro-timeline, and definitely consider the shuttle/transportation schedule. Be prepared for an extra 10-30 minutes of buffer time.
Hair and Makeup stylist should stay past the ceremony if possible!
9.5. Embrace every moment. This is a challenge, so choose to practice mindfulness during the wedding planning process so that you are ready to live in the moment on your wedding day!
Your wedding party shouldn’t act like assholes to your wedding planner.

Links we referenced

“We wouldn’t have done this at the beginning of the podcast, because it’s a little bit ‘circle of trust.’ We’re giving you OUR opinions about this wedding planner / couple relationship. We’re giving you the inside track.” - Christy, with the CliffNotes preface for today’s episode. Warning! It’s about to get candid.

“It’s so important that you keep an open line of communication with your planner, whether it’s positive or negative. You’re not going to piss them off...and if you do, maybe you shouldn’t be working with that person.” - Michelle

“You can go on to Pinterest and you can go down a black hole. Yes, be specific about what you want. Yes, aim high. But also...when you find it...say yes and turn the page. Once you find it, please stop looking.” - Christy on decision making

“There’s Pinterest, and then there’s reality.” - Michelle - oh man, if we had a dime for everytime we said this…

“Don’t you put your time constraints on me, wedding planner! I am a lash expert. And I have to make this perfect!” - Christy, imagining what makeup artists really want to say to us

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