#39 The Serial Bridesmaid

June 28th, 2017 · 30 mins 36 secs

About this Episode

Special Guest today - Mia! Mia is Christy’s cousin and at 25 years old, she has been a bridesmaid in 7 weddings in last 2 years (and a guest to plenty more). We’re talking today about the role of ‘Bridesmaid’ and how this experienced ‘maid feels about all the money, dresses, parties, duties and of course, the honor of the job.
We’re picking the brain of a young, single, southern, girl’s girl - the weddings she has been in are all pretty traditional, and all straight. The wedding party with guys on one side and girls on the other, and so far, the dresses have always matched. So - now that the background is set, let’s talk about bridesmaids!

Big Takeaways
Mia has been a bridesmaid for her sister, several ladies in her close-knit group of work girlfriends, and 2 life-long friends. She said the best experience was for her sister - when she was the only bridesmaid, and the maid-of-honor. The big toast was totally daunting, but she liked feeling extra special on the wedding day, and the idea of standing by her sister was an honor...the importance of the role didn’t get lost in the size of the bridal party.

Things Bridesmaids Like:

  • When the bride shows appreciation with thoughtful gifts, cards and meaningful words. It’s especially appreciated when the bride gives these gifts
  • When the bride lets them pick their dress
  • When the dress doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (Mia hasn’t ever worn a bridesmaid dress a second time)
  • The Bachelorette Party - this is fun for bridesmaids, as long as no one brings the drama. It’s a big expense for the bridesmaids that plan it, so if you’re a bride
  • The Getting Ready day of - as Mia said, it feels like a last slumber party and she’s never felt put-out by having to arrive at a hotel at 6am for the hair and makeup and mimosas to begin.
  • Sitting next to the bride/groom at the reception, but also sitting next to their significant others. Yes, boyfriends count, not just husbands. Meaning: A bridesmaid doesn’t love sitting at the King’s Table at the reception, if her partner/date is at another table.
  • Bridesmaids just want to have fun! The reception is a party, and a party is only as much fun as the hosts. So, if you are the couple, kick up your heels and have a wonderful time celebrating your wedding day with all your loved ones. Your bridesmaids will have fun dancing the night away with you.

It’s ok NOT to ask someone to be in your bridal party, even if you were in theirs.

Your bridesmaids should be your closest friends or relatives. It doesn’t matter if they all know each other or run in the same circles. The important thing is that they all love you and are there to celebrate and support you, the bride, on the wedding day. Mia was asked to be a bridesmaid by a school friend that she barely kept in touch with...it was awkward. The best bridal parties are the true inner circle of the bride.

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Professional Bridesmaid (she also has a book!)

Dessy Group - bridesmaids dresses

“If you’re the main bridesmaid that is dealing with all that, do you just buy it all and hope that people pay you back?” Yea, pretty much. Christy quizzes Mia on the bachelorette weekend

“The wedding party being bigger and younger takes more wrangling.” Christy, to young’un Mia

“I could see how excited she was about the Cinderella dress. So I told her...it’s your day. You choose a dress you want, not the one your mom wants, or anybody else’s opinion. It’s your day to be a princess, wear whatever dress you want.” Mia, being a supportive bridesmaid

“I laugh when people say ‘You can wear it again!’” Mia, on how bridesmaid’s dresses never get worn again!

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