#40 Groom Interrupted

July 5th, 2017 · 44 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Speaking of Manly Bands -- I have a MANLY groom with me here now for today’s episode Groom Interrupted! Andreas is a ‘typical’ groom - totally excited about his wedding, but not as involved in the planning as his bride-to-be, Andrea. (Yes, Andreas and Andrea.) Dre is Christy’s dear friend of 16 years and he was gracious enough to offer up ‘his side’ of things for the podcast. We talk about what stresses him out, what he’s most looking forward to, and how capable grooms really are! Also, Christy reminds him about a day-of gift for his lady, and sends him to the Manly Bands site for a ring! Don’t worry, he wrote down the promo code.

Big Takeaways
Sometimes a leap of faith is necessary, and if you both feel good about it, do it! In Dre’s case, he and Andrea signed a contract and paid a deposit on a venue, sight unseen. When they did get a chance to visit it, they were pleasantly surprised (and relieved), but they also knew that once the deposit was paid, they were going to have to make the venue work no matter what, so compromises were on the horizon.

One big compromise - PORK! His bride is a Pescatarian, but the venue’s house catering team is all bbq, all day. So in order to make it work and just go with the flow, Andrea budged on the menu, and now, her guests will be dining on bbq pork and beef. But there will also be some fish thrown on the grill.

Money and budgeting for a wedding is indeed stressful, and Andrea and Dre took the less complicated road by paying for almost all of their wedding themselves. Dre said he knew if his parents were contributing a lot financially, they would also be contributing a lot to the decision making team, and he didn’t want that.

Advice to brides: delegate stuff from your planning to-do list to your partners. They really are capable! Dre saw how overwhelmed Andrea could get with all of the things she needed to do for planning, and he wanted to take something off her plate. If your partner offers, take them up on it!

Planning the ‘fun stuff’ - music, surprises, the vows...these are the elements that Dre is stoked about as a groom. He can’t wait to see his bride walk down the aisle, and he can’t wait to party with all of his friends. Making the celebration unique and filled with their personality is something that Dre and Andrea did together and they thought it was fun! Wedding planning should be fun!

Another big compromise was the guestlist - Andrea wanted 200 guests, Dre wanted 100 or less. Ultimately, the venue decided for them since it has a max capacity of 150. This happens a lot - the venue is such a HUGE decision because it directly informs the wedding date, the overall budget, and the guestlist. Not to mention the look and feel of a wedding. This couple fell in love with a ranch in California, and that decision means that Andrea has to drastically cut back her guestlist.

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  • “I can say 100% that a wedding is only as much fun as the couple, so your wedding is going to be fun” - Christy complimenting Dre

  • “...cause she's like a G on the dance floor” - Andreas bragging about his fiance’s moves.

  • “I like to call myself a sensitive bro. I cry at rom-coms, I'm into it.” - Andreas

  • “It was so weird cause my sense of budget was different from her sense of budget” - Andreas, what a surprise!

  • “I think you'd be surprised at how much (grooms) would like to be involved” - Andreas

  • “I want to feel like i'm part of this and it's not all on her shoulders.” - Andreas

  • “She's so beautiful already, but that moment will be etched in my memory forever.” - Andreas

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