#41 A Sister's Toast

July 12th, 2017 · 32 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

We talk about every element of wedding planning on this podcast, and we try to break things down so that the information we are sharing is useful and accessible. We share our personal experiences, our opinions (so many opinions), and our best advice after more than two decades of being professional wedding planners. In this episode, we go one step deeper - and get a little personal. Michelle is interviewing her dear friend Sarah about Sarah’s wedding toast. Sarah was recently the Matron of Honor at her sister’s wedding and Michelle was the planner. The experience is fresh in their minds and together, they dissect the beautiful toast that Sarah gave at the wedding. This is true insider information!

Big Takeaways
A great wedding toast goes down in the history of a family. It’s something that people never forget...even if they forget the words, they never forget the accompanying feeling. A great wedding toast is heartfelt and introductory. It’s funny and poignant and it shares something about the couple - about both of them - that guests at the wedding might not be aware of. It celebrates each individual, but showers praise upon them as a couple. There are inside jokes and home run jokes, maybe a tear or two. All in under about 7 minutes.

Writing a toast takes a little time! Marinate. List things out...memories, stories, qualities.

We suggest writing it down - if not word-for-word, an outline. Remember, you may be a little emotional, and having words to refer to instead of just relying on your memory will come in handy, trust us. We also suggest rehearsing it a little! (A lot.)

On a less logistical note, this episode is really a celebration of the love Sarah has for her sister - we’re so glad she was open to sharing this experience with us. We hope you enjoy listening to her story as much as Michelle enjoyed recording it. It was an honor!

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Sarah on Instagram SHRH Designs and Instagram
Sarah’s Design company on Etsy

“She seemed to know what would hurt, and when I needed support, and how to be the support for me.” - Sarah, on her sister’s support

“As all of you here know, we are lucky to be loved by these two. They love hard, and are beyond loyal to their friends and family” - Sarah’s toast

“She was certainly much better than me at yelling like a monster when danger comes near” - Sarah, telling a funny story about her sister Lindsay as part of the toast

I knew she would hate me for it, but I had to throw in a little dig

We laugh at very inappropriate times

“HIIIIIII! I MISS YOU!” - Michelle, to her former bride, Lindsay

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